How we work

Strategic personal online/offline approach

How we work

Made to measure

We deliver tailor-made solutions and combine a sound and proven personal direct search with new online strategies. We are looking for successful people who are not actively seeking a new job — people who are open to a substantial career improvement and consider change based on positive motivation.

Clever, tactful, respectful

As Brightlinck’s senior partners, we approach all sources and candidates ourselves and do not delegate this critical work to researchers. We edit your labour market smartly, tactfully and with respect for the motives and interests of all involved.

Careful review

We carefully test the personality, skills and performance of candidates against the detailed briefing criteria of our client, and then we verify that assessment during personal conversations with their referees.


Well-thought-out step-by-step plan

Brightlinck uses a carefully constructed step by step programme, aiming for a clearly defined outcome after a series of progressive and complementary activities. At the same time, we remain alert to maximising upon unexpected opportunities whenever they arise.

Personal approach

Brightlinck is dedicated to a thorough and personal approach. We work on an exclusive basis, are highly committed and never compromise on quality. This ensures the best result and long-term success for both client and candidate.

Working people