How we operate

Personal approach

How we work


We provide tailor-made solutions, blending personal ‘direct search’ with innovative online strategies. We reach out to successful individuals who are open to significant career improvements and who consider to change, driven by a positive motivation.

Smart, tactful and respectful

We approach all sources and candidates ourselves and do not delegate this critical work to researchers. We navigate the job market intelligently, tactfully, and with respect for the motivations and interests of all parties involved.


We meticulously evaluate candidates’ personalities, competencies and achievements against the briefing criteria of our clients. Subsequently, we verify our observations through personal conversations with candidates’ referees.


Well-thought-out step-by-step plan

Brightlinck uses a step-by-step plan tailored to each customer, aimed at achieving an ideal match. Well thought out and structured. However, we are also alert to the returns of serendipity or intelligent chance.

Personal approach

A thorough personal approach, with sincere interest in people and businesses, is what drives us. We work with dedication based on exclusivity and do not compromise on quality. This leads to the best outcome and long-term success for both the client and the candidate.

Working people