Why work with us?

Best matches

35 years of network & experience

Proven effective approach

Board and Management

Industry & Logistics

Innovative, Enterprising & Flexible

Innovative, entrepreneurial and flexible,
also in terms of conditions,
without making concessions to the quality of the search and the certainty of return on the search investment.

Reliable, Honourable, Certainty

Integrity to the:


in all phases of the search process
the foundation of our guarantee
on the certainty of a successful match

Four eyes principle

2 Senior Partners per assignment

thorough & careful search process

More Choice … in …. Better Candidates

Discerning & Open

We carefully examine whether the individual qualities, character and ambitions of the candidate match the functional, organizational and cultural characteristics of the client.

4 Reasons:

35 years of expertise with focus and network in our sector
The honest, human-oriented professionalism guarantees an effective personal approach
While their approach is discerning, open and thorough and offers me certainty and guarantee
Enterpreneurial, innovative and flexible and very pleasant to work with