How we work

Executive search with the personal touch

Brightlinck delivers services tailored to your personal and corporate requirements using the ‘direct search’ method. This allows us to focus on successful people aiming for genuine career advancement, people who are keen to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities.

Brightlinck’s senior partners examine all sources and potential candidates personally, rather than delegating these critical activities to researchers. Their intelligent, tactful and respectful approach is sensitive to the motives and interests of all stakeholders. The personality, competencies and past performance of candidates are tested against your briefing criteria and verified in face-to-face interviews with candidates and their references.

Brightlinck uses a carefully constructed step by step programme, aiming for a clearly defined outcome after a series of progressive and complementary activities. At the same time, we remain alert to maximising upon unexpected opportunities whenever they arise.

Brightlinck is dedicated to a thorough and personal approach. We work on an exclusive basis, are highly committed and never compromise on quality. This ensures we obtain the best qualified, most enthusiastic and highly motivated candidates.